Speed = key

Is the world ready for Ice Derby?

Icederby combines the speed and power of Long Track Speed Skating and the excitement and thrills of Short Track Speed Skating.

Now the Long Track Skaters and Short Track Skaters meet in the middle by skating Icederby races on a 220 meter oval.

This could be global.

Thousand dollars

up to 130 thousand dollars 

Athletes can make up to this amount of money to support their sport carreer by compete at an Ice Derby event and win up to 130 thousand dollars of prize money.


Ice derby.


Ice Derby.

Speedskaters compete on a 220-meter track, a middle ground for skaters from the sport’s two disciplines, short track and long track. Purses would be much larger than that of current international competition. And to draw interest and increase profits, spectators will be allowed to bet on the races’ outcomes, not unlike horse racing.

Ice Derby, an entertainment ice race centered around professional olympic speedskaters from long track and short track speed skaters. If successful in burgeoning cities like Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Ice Derby could reach Asia, Europe and the United States.

Ice Derby is the most ambitious attempt to mainstream a sport most of the world watches for two weeks once every four years.

The ISU claims the monopoly on organizing competitions. They threatened skaters to suspend them from the federating for life if theywould appear at the start in Dubai. Mark Tuitert and Niels Kerstholt (both Dutch and Olympic ice skaters) are trying a complaint at the European Commission to secure the right to work. The Icederby is a Korean initiative which speed skaters and short-track meet at a 220-meter track. The competition from the World Skating Federation ISU is by this day still in force.

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